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About Us

The ADVAN CONSTRUCTII company, with its headquarters in Botosani, and offices also located in Bucharest, represents a private Romanian firm , taking part of a group that has more than 20 years of experience in the private sector of construction companies . After a dynamic evolution of the firm over the years, the main activity became
works of turn-key civil and industrial constructions , executed at high quality level, thus gaining a well reputed name among the important construction firms in Romania.

The ADVAN CONSTRUCTII company can assure the realization of constructions in Romania as well as outside of Romania.

The works executed by ADVAN CONSTRUCTII ,always express investor's personality, becoming over time a unique symbol within the architectural landscape of cities.
The evolution of the economy, of the society in general is reflected also in the industry of constructions. Now, the modern constructions mean more complex projects, more elaborated technologies, shorter implementation time and more strict contractual terms.
ADVAN CONSTRUCTII has taken into consideration this evolution by taking some measures, among which the training of the staff and the implementation of a new work style in the daily activity. The continuous development of our company in the field of civil constructions is sustained by the high qualification of our employees. The complex projects from technical and economical point of view represent an ambition and a challenge for us not only to finalise them, but to bring added value to our clients.
Now, ADVAN CONSTRUCTII can run civil construction projects of any sizes and of any difficulty degree.

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